Fly-Tipping Removal

CHS are now able Fly-tipping removal.

Fly-tipping is becoming an increasing problem both on public and private land.

Fly-tipping is the act of illegally dumping waste without authorisation. It can include anything from white goods and mattresses to general household waste and even builder’s waste. The contents really can vary.

And it’s this unpredictability that makes fly-tip removal so hazardous. Contaminated waste can be present within the piles of rubbish, including anything from animal or human faeces to needles and even unidentified chemicals.

This can pose a risk to anyone who comes across it, but it also poses risks to the local environment and wildlife.

At CHS, we take health and safety very seriously and approach fly-tip removal with the same care and attention as we would with any hazardous environment.

Which means safety precautions are put in place not only for our own technicians, but for our customers, their customers and the general public.

We will clear dumped waste from your commercial or residential property quickly and efficiently with a licensed company.

For more information or to arrange a free no obligation quote, please contact us to discuss how we are able to help with your fly-tipping clearance.

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