Biohazard, Crime Scene & Trauma Cleaning

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CHS has been delivering biohazard cleaning, crime scene & trauma cleaning services across Wales for over 40 years. For numerous clients in both private and public sectors including local authorities, facilities and property managers and various public agencies.

Biohazard cleaning in Wales is a specialist cleaning service that requires a rapid and effective response.

Our services range from biohazard cleaning/ decontamination/ disinfection/ trauma/ crime scene/ unattended death cleanup/ blood/ bodily fluids/ faeces cleaning/ needle and sharp object collection/ industrial cleaning and many more.

Trauma and bio-hazard cleaning comes in many forms. All of which require a high level of skill, attention to detail, safe practice and sensitive application by a cleaning specialist, with the right expertise to support the client and team. 

We adhere to COSHH regulations concerning, any hazardous waste and follow universal precautions to protect our employees and customers.

If you are looking for a biohazard cleaning company or a biohazard cleanup, contact us today for top rates and quick responses. Do not put yourself at risk. 


Why the Need for a Bio-Recovery Service?

The people who use or encounter a bio-recovery service are frequently distressed. They may be grief-stricken, embarrassed, fearful or resentful of our intervention. The service we provide sensitive to the needs of our customers. Our staff are experienced at conducting their duties effectively and efficiently whilst maintaining the dignity of those emotionally affected.

Physical Illness

Physical ill health can prevent people from attending to routine cleaning jobs for extensive periods of time, thereby creating the conditions in which bio-hazards become apparent. Ailments, such as incontinence, can be difficult to manage in domestic situations and care facilities leading to extensive and complex cleaning needs.

Death & Decomposed Material

It is a distressing fact that death can have a devastating effect on the environment. Loss of blood and bodily fluids can be the cause of, or be associated with death. Those people who lie undiscovered for a period of time unfortunately, though inevitably, leave behind them situations that may well require the attention of a specialist cleaning service.








Crime Scene Cleaning

CHS specialise in providing a crime scene clean-up service. Our specialist team of crime scene cleaners work throughout Wales and South of England to provide work for Social Services, Housing Associations, undertakers and Police authorities who require this specialist cleaning service.

In police cells, all body fluids are disinfected and removed leaving the cell completely sanitised. We can also disinfect areas contaminated with body lice and other microscopic infestations and viruses.

We provide the complete service for BioRecovery,  handling all incineration of contaminated items, or using another approved registered waste carrier where necessary.

Mental Illness

Sufferers of mental illness can experience difficulty with motivation and organisation skills required to maintain a clean and hygienic environment. Major mental illness unfortunately can cause people to behave in bizarre and uncharacteristic ways, which lead to damage and deterioration of their environments.

Deliberate / Criminal Damage

Blood and body fluids are frequently left behind as a result of criminal activity, for example: burglars who cut themselves as they break a window to gain entry, the perpetrator of criminal damage who spreads excrement around the property, the drug user who leaves needles behind. Your insurers may deal with the financial loss. CHS will deal with the associated risk to your health.


Confidential Help & Support


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Biohazard Services

Biohazard Cleaning

Properties can be rendered uninhabitable and unsafe as a consequence of contamination with a range of biological hazards.

Cleaning Services

While the bulk of our customers require regular cleaning on a contract basis, we understand that many only require cleaning services now and then.

Specialist Services

In addition to our contract services, which can also be made available on a one-off basis if you do not need regular cleaning, we offer a range of specialist cleaning services.

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